Be at the leading edge of resource exploration and discovery through innovative, data-driven techniques.


We excel at strategic thinking, proactive planning, and considered execution. We are committed to responsible growth of industry.

Community Building

Provide unique research opportunities; collaborate across disciplines; and engage with the community


We’re combining the strengths of Earth science, engineering, critical thinking and education, to set the stage for a new era of exploration and move the industry forward to a more responsible and sustainable future.

Hire Local, Source Local

We recruit and employ talented and qualified professionals where we work and operate.


We believe in the responsible use of our natural resources, protecting ecosystems, and minimising our footprint.

Red Rock Australasia is a part of the community, we are dedicated to contributing responsibly to environmental, social and economic development of regional Victoria, based on a foundation of mutual understanding and respect.


Our primary focus as part of the community is to support, promote, and provide education of the Earth Sciences and the responsible growth of the exploration industry, developing resources and providing professional development opportunities.

We believe in
Supporting and mentoring the development of its geologists and field staff; conducting business in an open, honest, ethical and safe manner; providing a supportive work environment; building a team of like-minded people with a passion for geology and its application to industry; and maintaining a sustainable balance between lifestyle and work.

Our company has engaged with federation University Ballarat to provide paid work experience opportunities for Geology and Environmental science students, assisting with on the ground mapping and sampling. Red Rock Australasia’s staff are selected on their ability to align with our values, to promote diversity and encourage inclusion. Our mature age casuals and students often bring stability and mentoring, while those starting their careers can provide new perspectives, optimism and innovation.

All of our staff and students are locals, aimed to build a strong community of scientists and industry professionals who work with integrity, support and responsibility toward our broader community and the environment.