A message from Red Rock Australasia Pty Ltd management:

Red Rock Australasia is committed to working alongside all stakeholders and community members that share an interest in our endevours. We are constantly seeking ways to improve our consultation and engagement process and welcome any suggestions that may help us do so. In the first instance please find details of our applications on the following pages. Each application has a topographic map as well as the Notice of Application and to the Work Program/Environment Strategy/Community Engagement Plan.

If you have any queries or concerns or comments , please email or call Kiara in the first instance

Kiara.Reddingius@rrrplc.com 0488 487 697 –

We aim to respond to stakeholder and community inquiries in a timely and considered manner.

The Covid-19 virus has disrupted life for all of us, and may make it more difficult to meet face to face however all Red Rock staff will make every effort to meet with anyone wishing to know more and we openly welcome any opportunity to discuss community based aspects of our activities