State-wide map of mining tenement competitors: Red Rock application indicated in Red

Red Rock Australasia’s portfolio comprises of 15 tenement areas as summarized in the table below.  The exploration focus is on hard rock gold, and is based upon key criteria essential to the ore genesis model, found throughout the Victorian Goldfields.  Primarily, the focus is upon narrow high grade deposits amenable to discrete underground mining methods.

These criteria are:

  • Folded sands, silts and shales  of Ordovician to Silurian age metamorphosed to lower green schist facies
  • Reverse faults that are variably  conduits to mineralisation formed in response to continued east– west compression responsible  for the tight folding
  • Depositions of gold within saddle reefs, in laminated quartz veins parallel to bedding and west dipping vein arrays with or without flat lying late stage veining usually highly gold rich and strong sphalerite/ galena association
  • Identification of gold disseminated into the wall rock particularly in shale similar to the high grade Fosterville deposit exampled by the mineralogy and potential at the Ajax Mine property.

The company is poised to embark upon field mapping, data validation and significant soil sampling as a precursor to drilling across most of the tenements. In addition, 3D modeling is a priority to further refine drill targets.


TenementLocation nameBlue project name
EL7281West BallaratBlue Chip
EL7285North BallaratBlue Ribbon
EL7271South BallaratBlue Whale
EL7282Dunnstown-YandoitBlue Sky
EL7294TalbotRed Queen
EL7301PittfieldMt Bute
EL7327DereelBlue Stocking
EL7328Southeast BallaratBlue Yonder
EL7505South Ballarat
EL7506South Ballarat
EL7507South Ballarat
EL7540Ballarat Central
EL7330DaylesfordBlue Angel