The Talbot region was popular for its surficial alluvial deposits of gold, with little to no modern exploration focusing on the hard rock potential. Previous explorers observed that the minor reef occurrences are concordant, or slightly discordant quartz veins in isoclinally folded slates where bedding and cleavage are closely coincident. Some may take the form of saddle reefs which occupy concordant open space filing in parasitic or drag fold structures. Similar structures are observed at Bendigo. Leading to quartz vein formation may be related to a high level of granite or quartz porphyry intrusive. One such example occurs at the head of Nuggety Gully about 6km south west of Talbot.

First pass soil sampling has been completed by previous explorers and evaluation of the sample results indicates a potentially weak north south correlation just east of the Avoca Fault.

In-fill soil sampling to verify the early results in this area using multi element analysis would also help to identify potential.  Further structural mapping and sampling to the east in the tenement over areas of previously identified north south trending veins could add more sub surface exploration data.  The area is vastly underexplored yet has previously yielded significant surficial gold deposits.